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BRAND: Liquera


UPC: 606089282216

Price: 15.95

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Leather Repair Kit Leather and Vinyl Furniture Scratch Repair Kit for Couch and Sofa Car Seat Cover Paint Black White Red Blue Brown Jacket Fabric Patch Furniture Car Chair Seats Upholstery Pleather

Main features (bullets)

  • This patch is the best to repair any cracked or cover a hole that may be in your leather sofa, couch, car seat, bed elbow, handbags, belt, purse, motorcycle and auto seat as well as other leather materials. Repair your leather couch with the use of our leather repair kits for couches, that also has a wide application feature.
  • You utilize money saving opportunities when you repair you leather/ vinyl items with the use of this dp it yourself repair kit. Hiring a professional to do the job for you can be very costly. This leather restorer was specifically designed to be a one stop shop repair kit not for only leather but also vinyl items. This leather repair kit is easy to manoeuvre and is also compatible with vinyl surfaces. This is ideal for domestic tool use as well as small projects.
  • You are only required to peel and stick when using this product. The self-adhesive repair patch helps to fix problems you may face with either holes or scratches very easily. This kit repairs patchwork on vinyl or leather fabrics but also other upholstery items which include; car seats, sofas, office furniture, office supplies kit, decorative surfaces, shoes and leather jackets.
  • This is a cheap repair kit that produces quality results. If you are searching for a real cute liquid leather repair kit that is not only safe but also efficient, then you have found it. This repair tool kit, manufactured by Mr. Fixit is efficency as it relates to getting rid of scratches, holes and rips in your leather or vinyl furniture. This kit was made using quality super fast dry repair compound like liquid stitch.
  • Choose our leather patches for your couch. You will receive an effective leather and vinyl repair kit that will give you results after just five simple steps. If after you have used this leather scratch remover and you are not satisfied with this product we’ll process a refund for you.